Trailer Repair

Horse Trailer DrawingHere at Eyers Hitch Center, we believe in doing preventative maintenance on your trailer so you don't have a serious problem to fix later. We encourage yearly appointments to check all the important systems of your trailer - brakes, lights, coupler, axles, springs etc.

Heavy equipment trailers and horse trailers seem to take a lot of abuse and should be checked yearly, at the very least.

Give us a call if you need repairs to your boat, equipment, RV, car hauler, utility and horse trailers. We carry many parts in stock to get you on the road as quickly as possible.

We offer a wide variety of general maintenance, trailer repair and equipment installations on all types of trailers.

horse trailer with horse looking out windowhorse trailer with horse looking out close up view

"See! I told you it was a burned out bulb!"

Boat Trailer DrawingUtility Trailer Drawing

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