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There are important trailer hitch accessories you'll need in order to complete your towing equipment package. While there are some great trailer hitch accessories you can purchase to make your trailer hitch even more practical like Bike racks, ski and snowboard racks, spare tire carriers, cargo racks, wheelchair racks, motorcycle racks and even BBQ racks, the following trailer hitch accessories are considered essential, "must have" items.

Curt Manufacturing, one of our hitch vendors, has created an informative video about matching up the correct ball size to your trailer:

Hitch Balls

trailer hitch balls

We offer a variety of external threaded balls with chrome or zinc finish.
When selecting a ball, consider the following:

  • Size of trailer coupler socket.
  • Gross trailer weight (GTW).
  • Thickness of ball platform or hitch.
  • Hole size.

Ball Mounts

  • Utility ball mounts serve as a ball platform for weight carrying receiver style hitches.
  • They can be removed when not in use.
  • We have a selection which drops or raises the height of the ball to allow level towing of your trailer.
  • Extended lengths provide more clearance for turns and tow carry style bike racks.
  • Many are available in chrome, zinc, or black finish.
various ball mounts for receiver hitches with different heights

Hitch Ball Mounts

QuickDraw Magnum™

  • 5 separate drop and raise selections to keep your trailer tongue parallel to the ground.
  • Easy double ball system.
  • Stows underneath your vehicle.
  • Chrome plated.
Quick Draw Ball Mount

Rapid Hitch Ball Mount

  • Double ball features reversible 1 - 7/8" and 2" balls or 2" and 2 - 5/16"
  • Up to 10,000 lb. trailer GVWR and 1,500 lb. tongue weight. (1 - 7/8" steel ball rated at 7500lb.)
  • Fully tested and verified by an independent lab.
  • Light-weight aluminum construction; only weighs 18 lbs. and is 30% stronger than steel.
  • Fits a 2" standard receiver.
  • 12" full vertical adjustment. 6" adjustment with the rack up or down.
Rapid Hitch Ball Mount

Pintle Hooks

Pintle Hook
pintle hook drawing
Choose 2" or 2 5/16" ball
pintle hook with hitch ball
Pintle Hook Plate
pintle hook plate for receiver hitch

Hitch Locks

Avoid theft by using a locking hitch pin.
  • Hardened and rated for towing.
  • Dead bolt style.
  • Great for plug in accessories like bike racks and cargo racks.
locking hitch pins

Coupler and fifth wheel locks prevent theft when you're unhitched.
Universal Coupler Lock
trailer coupler locks

Hitch-Vise™ Stabilizer Clamp

Hitch-Vise™ (patented)
Receiver Hitch Clamp

  • Eliminates wobble and rattle in ball mounts.
  • Stabilizes any plug in accessory: bike racks, cargo carriers, motorcycle racks, etc.
  • Unlike some others we've tried, these work! Even for demanding uses, like stabilizing tow carry racks, cargo, and motorcycle carriers.
Hot Selling Item
hitch vise stabilizer on receiver hitch ball mount
no wobble no rattle stabilizer on cargo rack

Sizes available for:
2" Class III Receiver
1 1/4" Class II Receiver
1 1/4" Class I Receiver

Here's a video demonstrating the Hitch-Vise™

Hitch Covers

You may want a ball cover to protect not only the ball, but also to protect your clothes from getting dirt and grease all over them. You did know that you must grease the ball up before you tow, right? (Any kind of grease is fine, bearing grease, silicone lube, Vaseline etc.) Hitch caps or plugs protect the hitch from dirt and grime when the ball mount is out and they look good too. They come in plain and fancy styles.

Standard, Novelty, Propeller and Logo Styles, Way Cool Hitch Covers plus Football and Hockey Hitch Covers too. Be sure and purchase a Hitch Lock so no one can steal your cool hitch cover!

Safety Chains

Safety Chains Hooked Up Between Tow Vehicle and Hitch Safety chains are required by law when you tow anything.

The reason for them is that if the hitch fails, or if the trailer comes off the ball, the trailer will stay with your vehicle and not go running off all over the road and kill somebody.

Your trailer comes equipped with safety chains but you may want to upgrade them to heavier and/or additional chains with case hardened quick connect links. Always have the safety chains attached by crossing them under the tongue and attaching them to the chain brackets on your hitch every single time you tow.

They should not restrict sharp turns of the vehicle/trailer, but should be tight enough so they do not drag on the road.

Truck Tonneau Cover

Undercover Truck Bed CoverWe install a truck tonneau cover by UnderCover™ truck bed covers. It's very handy to have a dry, secure place to store all your gear when you are towing a trailer. (Or anytime). We like the UnderCover&153; brand because it:

Trailer Valet

The Trailer Valet is the first and only tongue jack dolly system that provides you with the flexibility and maneuverability to pivot and move your trailer with ease. The chain drive crank system allows you to propel your boat, utility, or horse trailer around the driveway or up an incline. The gear reduction mechanism on the Trailer Valet is powerful enough to move a 5000 pound trailer with a 500 pound tongue weight. Forget the frustrations of moving your trailer, and get a Trailer Valet today. Check out this video which shows the Trailer Valet in action:

So those are the main essential trailer hitch accessories you need to know about. Be sure and read our other articles to learn more about towing safety and towing equipment you may also need for your rig.

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