Off Road Towing Tips

Even if you don't think you will ever drive off the paved road while towing, you just might find that the campground you wish to stay in has unpaved or gravel roads that you may find challenging. Here are a few tips to keep you safe while towing off the beaten path.

Jeep Towing Small Travel Trailer over Rocky Terrain

Leveling and Stabilization

Leveling Helper Blocks Under Trailer WheelMost RV's require leveling and stabilization (blocking up) with some kind of jacks for comfortable occupancy. But more important, the unit must be level in order for the absorption type gas refrigerator and drainage system, (both which function by gravity), to operate properly. Place a level on the bottom of the refrigerator/freezer compartment or in a normally level location inside the vehicle to determine proper levels. Bubble levels are furnished with some refrigerators and are available from your RV dealer. Use leveling blocks under the wheels to obtain side-to-side levelness. After leveling, check that the wheel chocks are tight against your tires.

When the unit has been leveled side-to-side and front-to-back, you may wish to permanently attach levels on the front and/or back and sides of the trailer or truck camper or inside near the driver, on the side wall and dash panel of a motorhome. This will allow you to tell at a glance if you have stopped on a level site, and will help speed up the leveling process.

Various types of screw-type stabilizer jack stands are available to block the RV in a level position. Some are freestanding types while others are permanently installed on the bottom of the RV. Of course, many motorhomes have built-in stabilization jacks that make leveling easy as the touch of a button!

Camping as well as off road traveling can be great fun for you and your family. Being prepared and informed about how to avoid getting into tricky situations will make your trip that much more enjoyable.

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